DOSELITE Pneumatic volumetric fillers

DOSELITE fillers give:


All machine parts in direct contact with the product are manufactured s/steel AISI 316; therefore  DOSELITE batching machines are especially suitable in different fields: alimentary, for instance, for filling liquid and very dense products (such as sauces, creams), chemical for filling paints, solvents  and other chemical products, cosmetics, as well for herbal and pharmaceutical creams, lotions, gel into jars, bottles and /or syringes


Pressure, filling and suction speed can be easily adjusted. Also, the machine can work in manual  or automatic mode

Our fillers have been designed, built and put on the market to dose any kind of product of the following sectors:

alimentary, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical.

Through a suction system the product is introduced into the
dosing chamber.  As it has reached the quantity required, the piston begins to push the product on the outside
through the output valve and the related nozzle.  Different kinds of valves can be installed on the machine according
to the product to be managed.
On the rear side of the dosing machine there is a hand-wheel that determines the product volume.

The o-rings and gaskets are manufactured in food grade PTFE and silicone for
food products or in PTFE s/steel, FKM or EPDM for chemicals and cosmetics.

All the other parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 316 L s/steel.

All the connections are made by tri-clamp like those used in the pharmaceutical sector.

The operator doesn’t need any tool to dismantle the machine for cleaning operations or technical interventions.
The suction and dosing speed can be regulated by mean of 2 air pressure regulators

DOSELITE fillers can be personalised and set up, depending on product’s viscosity and/or temperature, we manufacture, then: 


for the volumetric chamber, the valves and the hopper, for dosing products such as honey, jam, candle wax, jelly, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. which require to be heated and maintained at a certain temperature during the filling operation.


for products that require to be shaken and maintained at a homogeneous temperature


  • Doselite 2
  • Doselite
  • IMG_0296-326x305
  • IMG_0305-326x305
  • IMG_03391-326x305
  • IMG_0356-326x305
  • accesories nozzles
  • accesories nozzles1
  • accesories nozzles2
  • distribution valves for liquids
  • distribution valves for liquids1
  • distribution valves for liquids2
  • distribution valves for liquids3
  • distribution valves for liquids4
  • no drop distribution valves 1
  • no drop distribution valves
  • valves for thick products
  • valves for thick products1
  • valves for thick products2
  • valves for thick products3

Anyway, each machine can be manufactured according to the user's requirements.


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